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rip em down, hold me up, tell them that i'm your gun

pull my trigger i am bigger than...

i'm nessa, i'm 16, and i play bass. I want a band but people suck sometimes.

darby crash is love.

toxic narcotic is love.

666, 80's hardcore, a global threat, accents, adderal, agoraphobic nosebleed, anal cunt, anti-heros, antidote, apathy, attention deficit disorder, aus-rotten, badly sewn patches, bandanas, bass, being outside, being sarcastic, being sober, being weird, belching loudly, black eyeliner, black eyeshadow, black flag, blanks 77, blatz, blood for blood, bomb squadron, bones brigade, bongs, boston, boys, burning things, capitalist casualties, cats, caustic christ, chaos, chaotic dischord, charles bronson, cheap makeup, cheap perfume, cheese, chicken wings, choking victim, cigarettes, circle jerks, circle pits, crazy hair, crucial unit, d.i.y, darby crash, death metal, defiance, deicide, distortion, doing my own thing, doing nothing, doom, drugs, excrementory grindfuckers, f-minus, fishnets, fried hair, fucking metal, fun, fuzzy stuff, gang green, gbh, gettin fucked up, gg allin, grindcore, handcuffs, hardcore, hate, hatecore, hating glam kids, hot ladies, indk, jesse, kissing, kitties, krystughhhhhhh, lame excuse, laughing at 77 kids, laughing at people, leann, leftover crack, leopard print, limp wrist, lipgloss, love, making fun of things, making out, meeting people, metal, morning glory, municipal waste, music pirating, napoleon dynamite, nart, nasum, no-ca$h, not drinking, old rancid, people suck, phobia, piercings, pig destroyer, pogo!, pogoing at school, public nuisance, punk, raw punk, reading, reagan youth, red lipstick, sarcasm, satano ska, self destruct, sewing, shows, ska-punk, skankin', skwert, slc punk, sneezing, speed, spitting, stage diving, stockyard stoics, street punk, subhumans, talkin shit, tawnee, the boston crew, the boston kids, the bristles, the casualties, the color pink, the crizack, the germs, the pist, the scum, the stza, thrash, toxic narcotic, unwanted cynicism, unwanted sarcasm, urban waste, vomit punx, weed